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Titan is an indigenous consumer goods company that manufactures lifestyle products like watches, sunglasses, eyewear and jewellery. Part of Tata Group, Titan started with Titan Watches Ltd., further moved on to Tanishq( jewellery) and then commenced Titan Eyeplus ( eye wear).

A 1 day outbound training program was created for the entire finance team so that its employees from different locations could work together successfully. The program was created so that the team could deal with any issue that emerged without hampering productivity. Another objective of the program was for each employee to be accountable for the work they produced.





  1. The outbound program started off with an ice-breaker, necessary to familiarize the team with one another, so that they are comfortable to work together.

At this point, the team was a little reluctant to participate and put in energy and effort. There were 8 activities planned, each one followed by a debriefing session where the members could share their takeaways from the activities as well as share their thoughts with their peers. At the end of the day, there was a final debrief session in the form of a discussion, facilitated by the instructor, where every member was able to share their experience and their learnings from the program. With every activity, there was change in the group dynamics as members started trusting each other and feeling more comfortable with one another and by the end. The team was very involved by the end.


Through experiential learning, the entire finance team of Titan, was able to work with one another, especially with those not part of their daily teams. The team was able to develop open and honest communication between them through team bonding and spirit. Throughout the training program, the progress in collaboration was visibly improving and the productivity level was high. The team was also able to deal with internal conflicts through communication in a very dignified manner. The team was finally in sync, unified and understood teamwork of a cross functional team.






Competencies Mapped




Manager for L&D

Shiva Subramaniyan

We had a very wonderful time. Initially we had a briefing about this particular workshop. Even though the workshop started with a lesser number of participation in the beginning, at the end of the day each and everyone has enjoyed and the participation was very very high there were lot of take away points in learning and people started realizing about their present life and what are they doing in their personal life and work life, as it was reflective during this program. I personally enjoyed.


The 34 member finance team consisted of nationwide employees in the finance sector of Titan and they came together to enhance the results of their joint effort.

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