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Wine has played an important role in religion that has been produced for thousands of years. There are varieties of wines available in the market made of fermented grapes. Wine tasting challenge, a very distinct but fascinating activity brings with it an ideal way of testing individuals senses that is right for just about any corporate team provided the members are curious enough about wines and to emphasis on the fact that the participants in this activity need not necessarily be social drinkers, it can be performed by anyone.

As soon as the guests arrives, a brief history is delivered about the wines. Once the facilitator finishes explaining about distinct personalities of various wines which may include its - appearance, aroma, sensation and with which kind food the wine should be had and many more. Once the briefing is done, the teams are put to test by giving them numerous kinds of wine that have to be guessed by them which is a contemporary way of testing one’s senses.

The activity is all about

1. How well people grasp the knowledge of wine with their senses.

2. Learning about something that is very uncommon but possess with it a wide range of information that helps to develop ones general awareness.

3. Getting involved in a fun based activity after a long and hectic day.



1. Relieves stress after containing wine that makes you relaxed.

2. Team collaboration is important for getting better results for solving complex problems.

3. Team synergy is maintained.

4. Emphasis is given on improving the decision making ability.


Quality and Perfection

Delivering what has been asked of in the most efficient manner. . . .

Risk Management

Assessing the company for risks in different sectors like physical, legal, monet . . .


Helping each other while working towards the same goal. . . .


Google, Singapore

The team of 110 participants, which included members from different divisions and departments from Asia-Pacific region, took part in the ‘Chain Reaction’ activity.




Rama D


A huge shout of Thanks from the management team of

Trust & Safety of Google India !
You made our offsite a wonderful memory. Your meticulous planning, detailed ground work and the zeal to give us an experience better than you promised is very much appreciated.
Special thanks for accommodating all our last minute requests and giving us 3 days of ice breakers, team building activities and those energy boosting fillers in between our meetings,

made a huge difference.
All the very best and cheers to your end to end

planning and execution in the given budget.




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Fun Based

Because sometimes all you want to do is have fun with your 9-5 mates.

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