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ACC limited is one of India’s leading manufacturers of cement and ready mix concrete. Synonymous with cement and enjoying high equity in the Indian market, ACC has consistently set benchmarks in cement and concrete technology since its inception in 1936.

ACC limited wanted to ensure that their employees can enhance team bonding and spirit. They also wanted to make certain that the sales team was actively responding to the tasks that were assigned as well as the feedback on completion. All in all, the training program was to guarantee that the sales team was actively engaging at the workplace.





he outbound training program was conducted in Bangalore. Initially, the team was perplexed at what was going to happen. In spite of the confusion, their enthusiasm and eagerness were noticeable. The day started off with an ice-breaker, which is highly crucial for the members so that they can get comfortable with each other. Following this, there were a number of activities lined up, till evening. At the end of each activity, there was a debrief session where the team members would discuss their takeaways from it. There was a final debrief at the end of all of these activities where each participant would have to mention 2 end results that they would hereafter apply to their workplace.


ACC had us put this plan together so that the team members could come together to collaborate successfully and lead one another towards the end goal. They also wished for the team to be able to come up with creative solutions in a stipulated time. By the end of this hands-on training program, the participants had understood the importance of being completely involved at their workspace. The ACC team had also developed team spirit and grew a team dynamic that was cooperative in nature. Finally having understood the importance of their role in the organisation, they were much more motivated to play their part in the progress of the organisation.






Competencies Mapped




ACC Limited

ACC Limited’s sales team for south India had undergone an outbound training program to overcome trust barriers and bond as a team. The objectives of this training program included taking ownership and accountability of the work they delivered.

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