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The automobile company is globally renowned, with a subsidiary in India. Known for the quality they provide, the company believes in the philosophies of continuous improvement and customer first. The company also likes to ensure that the quality meets the international standards while keeping in mind the local sensitivities.

The objective of the training program was for the finance team to understand their team dynamic and explore it so that they could communicate clearly. Effective communication can also improve problem solving techniques of the team. This also goes hand in hand with ensuring successful collaboration while supporting one another. Trusting team members, including their risk taking capabilities is also key to formation of a cohesive team





As ice-breakers are necessary as they help team members get comfortable with one another, the day started with one. It was followed by a string of other activities that went on till the end of the day. Though the team , they went along with what was going on and were very energetic during participation. At the end of each activity, there was a debrief during which the facilitator would moderate team discussions that would help members understand the importance of the activity. At the end of the training program, there was a discussion enabled by the trainer to encourage the team to share with fellow team members what they learnt, about themselves as well as about others, from this experience. Pocher’s escape was one of the team exercises that most of the individuals found beneficial- an activity in which team members helped one another cross obstacles.


When working as a team, it is important for each member to work towards achieving the same goal and to trust the others for it. Part of it is also about relaying information back and forth while also understanding the motives and emotions behind it- an open and honest communication channel. It must also be kept in mind healthy relationships at work don’t come without mutual trust and a strong bond between the team. By the end of this hands on training program, the team had understood the significance of unified team spirit.






Competencies Mapped




Japanese AutoM

The top finance team, consisting of 13 individuals, of an automobile company attended an outbound training session to overcome individual barriers and bond as a team.

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