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Titan is an indigenous consumer goods company that manufactures lifestyle products like watches, sunglasses, eyewear and jewellery. Tanishq is the jewellery division of Titan, which is in turn promoted by the Tata group. Today, Tanishq is among the top 5 retailers in India.

This outbound training program was created to bring the team together and closer. Fostering healthy relationships between individuals so that they are able to collaborate successfully as well as. Being productive and taking ownership of work that is being accomplished. Being empathetic to those at the workplace. Strategic planning, as well as time management were also part of the agenda.





  1. The first day started off with an ice-breaker to overcome any initial awkwardness, allowing for free and comfortable interaction. Post this, there were 5 activities planned till the end of the day and 4 for the following day. At the end of each activity, there was a debriefing session, where the team members would discuss the end result or their thoughts about it. There were debriefs at the end of both days, where the trainer would facilitate a discussion so that each member could share a couple of takeaways from the entire training program that they would implement at the workplace. The morning of the second day, the team trekked all the way to the highest point, and back, where they had another debrief session of the journey they made.

The team seemed a little nervous and confused but with more and more activities, they started to open and enjoy. By the end of the 2 days, the team was very involved and really got along with one another, very evident in their expressive body language and cheerful demeanour.


By the end of the training program, the team had truly come together and bonded. The team had developed an open channel for clear communication and were excited to collaborate with one another on activities. The collaborations were very successful as they emerged from activities victorious. There was a sense of team spirit and the members had learnt to deal with any misunderstandings among them through the training program, once again proving the benefits of hands-on, experiential learning.






Competencies Mapped




Manager for L&D

Shiva Subramaniyan

We had a very wonderful time. Initially we had a briefing about this particular workshop. Even though the workshop started with a lesser number of participation in the beginning, at the end of the day each and everyone has enjoyed and the participation was very very high there were lot of take away points in learning and people started realizing about their present life and what are they doing in their personal life and work life, as it was reflective during this program. I personally enjoyed.

Tanishq (TITAN)

The entire team of Tanishq’s manufacturing plant in Pantnagar went through a 2- day training program to improve communication, especially inter department, and cohesiveness of the team.

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