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Team Building Activities, Initiative Games & Problem Solving

Working in the same field with very little change in the atmosphere leads to a dangerous disease called monotony. Employees settle into a comfort zone and lose interest in their activities. They forget how to gel with new employees and the issue of facing new problems crop up.

These are common issues faced by employers amongst their teams, finding a solution to this may sound difficult but there are innumerous ways to overcome these problems. Team building activities help in encouraging the team to move out of their shells and open up with the team members. Initiative games help solve the problem of leadership skills especially to advisors and increases process thinking. While problem solving activities help move team members from their comfort zone, and start to think outside the box.

While an activity can be classified as team building game, initiative games or problem solving. It is seen that each of these activities help in each of the above problems and kills the monotony employees face. Few of the activities that may help you are listed below.

1. The Great Egg Drop make

Minimum number of people – 20

Rules: Divide the members into smaller group, give them each an egg. Their objective would be to make a package in which the egg would fit in and sustain and 8 feet drop. The groups would compete with each other to make the best package.

How does the game help?

The game ensures team building by ensuring each member finds necessary items to make the perfect package, making the perfect item. Leadership skills are also tested, as one from each group will have to step up and take the main role. Problem solving, something as simple as m

making a package that can sustain an egg drop from 8 feet, will need out of the box thinking.

2. Human Knot

Minimum number of people – 8

Rules: Each member stands in a circle, and raises the right arm up grabbing the hand of someone standing across the circle from them. Next they raise their left arm and grab the hand of another member, make sure no one holds the hand of the adjacent person. They must untangle themselves to form a circle in such a way that the circle doesn’t break at any point, if so they must start again from beginning.

How does the game help?

The game first ensures ice breaking and makes each member comfortable with one another. It again has a leader who will step up and help the untangling process, and you will need to think quick and out of the box to reach back to the untangled circle.

3. Survival

Minimum number of people- 20

Rules: The team is divided into groups, they are placed in a situation of a plane crash, with 12 useful items, they then rank them according most useful to least. The team that gets the closest ranking already made by experts wins.

How does the game help?

The game involves each member and ensures that they work in sync, breaking the ice amongst the members of the group.

4. Shrinking vessel

Minimum number of people-8

Rules: The team is given a large space, where they need to place themselves with in the given space. As time passes, the space starts to shrink and the team members come in closer. The longer they manage to stay in a smaller space together is when they win.

How does the game help?

The game includes each and every member, strategy management to ensure all members are in the small space for as much as they can.

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