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This activity is of a type which requires a proper methodology that has to be followed if you want to bridge the gap between your colleagues through this bridge building activity. Two main ground rules for this activity to achieve the final result are coordination and communication. Team work and strategic planning are important requisites that help in executing the idea. The whole process requires people to interact with each other and develop an understanding as to what each team does, so that they can channelize team efforts to be in sync with the other teams although teams cant see each other .

Each team functions independently but in continuous coordination with the other teams, throughout the entire activity.

The whole idea is to construct a stable, freestanding bridge, parts of which has to be built by the respective teams. Each

team would be provided with the necessary miscellaneous articles, to be used for constructing the bridge.

The activity is all about

1. Each team constructing a part of the bridge, with judicious use of the raw material provided.

2. Strategy and planning during the life cycle of the activity.

3. Connecting and bringing together parts of the bridge using ‘connectors’. Each of the connectors has a pair that

4. would only connect with one particular connector.

5. It is important to communicate with the rest of the teams, in order to analyse which connector lies with which team.

6. The teams are interdependent that urges people to be in solidarity.

7. Efficient allocation of resources make them do the activity effectively.



1. There is effective and efficient team work

2. Creativity and innovation are not compromised

3. There is no barrier to interdepartmental communication

4. Judicious use of resources.

5. Work for the Single Goal.


Team Bonding

Importance of team bonding through healthier and more successful workplace. . . .

Action Planning

Dividing the overall plan into smaller, sub-plans to meet objectives successfull . . .

Quality and Perfection

Delivering what has been asked of in the most efficient manner. . . .

Innovation & Creative Thinking

Transforming ingenious ideas and thoughts into something economical and life-alt . . .


Google, Singapore

The team of 110 participants, which included members from different divisions and departments from Asia-Pacific region, took part in the ‘Chain Reaction’ activity.




Rama D


A huge shout of Thanks from the management team of

Trust & Safety of Google India !
You made our offsite a wonderful memory. Your meticulous planning, detailed ground work and the zeal to give us an experience better than you promised is very much appreciated.
Special thanks for accommodating all our last minute requests and giving us 3 days of ice breakers, team building activities and those energy boosting fillers in between our meetings,

made a huge difference.
All the very best and cheers to your end to end

planning and execution in the given budget.





Isn’t it exciting to look at something that’s built through collective effort, from scratch?

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