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1-3 Hrs



20 - Unlimited


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Entirely set on the trek area, the war scenario is a complete outdoor team building activity giving chills and thrills throughout the activity. If you have a team of quite adventurous youngsters looking out for a fun based activity this is one among many. This is a very unique activity giving you a soldier like feeling offering to you a wide range of critical scenarios that need to be solved to reach the last point. People are divided into teams given with paintball like weapons and gears to face war like situations.The divided teams are further split into smaller teams to hunt for the clues in a wider manner where the team members keep updating of every move being made with the help of a walki-talkie provided. To make it further more interesting, you have to face enemies whom you have to tackle to move past them or else you are dead!

This activity indeed makes you feel like tom cruise and for a moment you do become one!

The activity is all about

1. Working in collaboration with the team to fight the war and win over.

2. Keeping an eye in and around to escape from the ambush and finding clues to move further.

3. Strategic planning on how to take the team going in the right direction without a mishap.

4. A person with exemplary leadership quality leading the team safely.

5. Understanding the loop holes and applying tactics accordingly.



1. Critical thinking being emphasized for quick and wise decision making.

2. Time management is focused upon.

3. Each person being able to put his own ideas into the challenge.

4. Presence of mind is applied.


Team Bonding

Importance of team bonding through healthier and more successful workplace. . . .


Distributing work among fellow team members to accomplish tasks faster and more . . .

Project Management

Accomplishing specific objectives and goals and related tasks on a deadline and . . .

Action Planning

Dividing the overall plan into smaller, sub-plans to meet objectives successfull . . .

Risk Management

Assessing the company for risks in different sectors like physical, legal, monet . . .

Focus on Mission , Vision

Focusing on the future and tracing the path to reach it. . . .


Working hard and staying faithful focused to the goal in spite of obstacles and . . .

Time Management

Prioritising and scheduling tasks to minimize time and effort and maximize effic . . .

Change Management

How to effectively navigate through transformations in the organisation. . . .

Coaching and Mentorship

Providing a support system in the form of a learning experience to improve at th . . .

Problem Solving

Solving unforeseen problems effectively in a step by step process to ensure the . . .


Eagerness to do expected work and beyond. . . .


Google, Singapore

The team of 110 participants, which included members from different divisions and departments from Asia-Pacific region, took part in the ‘Chain Reaction’ activity.




Rama D


A huge shout of Thanks from the management team of

Trust & Safety of Google India !
You made our offsite a wonderful memory. Your meticulous planning, detailed ground work and the zeal to give us an experience better than you promised is very much appreciated.
Special thanks for accommodating all our last minute requests and giving us 3 days of ice breakers, team building activities and those energy boosting fillers in between our meetings,

made a huge difference.
All the very best and cheers to your end to end

planning and execution in the given budget.





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