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An interesting team building event that has been given the concept based on the famous cartoonist Rube Goldburg.This activity is a type that requires maximum planning and attention to trivial details. With much coordination and keeping in mind the time management, this activity essentially needs presence of mind. Just like the domino effect, this activity tells each team to create device for carrying out a simple task after which it links it to the succeeding team’s device that goes on till the reaction completes to create one big machine. Participants will be split into teams, creating each part independently. All parts will be assembled together to create the final working machine. A chain of reactions is born, where one move leads to another.

The activity is all about

1. Each team designing a part of the machine/mechanism and with conscientious efforts and maintaining alert competence throughout the whole activity is what is required of each participant.

2. Application of logical reasoning.

3. Creativity and collaboration for a better understanding and implementing ideas that work.

4. Utilizing the available resources, and making use of creativity to extract maximum potential.

5. Working independently as a team, but in constant collaboration with the other teams.



1. There is maximum input with respect to creativity and design.

2. Time management is focused upon.

3. The teams are focused on the final goal, i.e. making the machine work.

4. The teams try to use their presence of mind.

5. There is clear perfection in every stage of the activities.

6. This activity is one that tests for creativity, collaboration and accuracy.

7. Participants being able to withstand the pressure that builds up due to time constraints.


Team Bonding

Importance of team bonding through healthier and more successful workplace. . . .

Time Management

Prioritising and scheduling tasks to minimize time and effort and maximize effic . . .

Design Thinking

Action Planning

Dividing the overall plan into smaller, sub-plans to meet objectives successfull . . .

Problem Solving

Solving unforeseen problems effectively in a step by step process to ensure the . . .

Strategic Thinking

Anticipating the future and preparing for it to make sure it’s the best it can be.

Quality and Perfection

Delivering what has been asked of in the most efficient manner. . . .

Process Improvement

Ongoing cycles of modifying business processes for optimal effectiveness and ef . . .

Leadership Skills

Guiding fellow team members by spearheading efforts and steering them into direction


Centring all the whole process, from designing to executing, around the customer . . .

Focus on Mission , Vision

Focusing on the future and tracing the path to reach it. . . .

Effective Communication

Exchanging information and understanding the underlying message.


Google, Singapore

The team of 110 participants, which included members from different divisions and departments from Asia-Pacific region, took part in the ‘Chain Reaction’ activity.




Rama D


A huge shout of Thanks from the management team of

Trust & Safety of Google India !
You made our offsite a wonderful memory. Your meticulous planning, detailed ground work and the zeal to give us an experience better than you promised is very much appreciated.
Special thanks for accommodating all our last minute requests and giving us 3 days of ice breakers, team building activities and those energy boosting fillers in between our meetings,

made a huge difference.
All the very best and cheers to your end to end

planning and execution in the given budget.




Business Simulation

Creating unique scenario simulations that one wouldn’t come across otherwise.

Creative and Art

From art to fashion, film to painting become fully immersed in innovation & creative expression.

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